Get your team back in the office with Mediscreen

When you are bringing people back to the office, you need to be confident that they are fit and healthy. Avoiding an office outbreak of the Coronavirus is the highest priority for HR and leadership.

How It Works

Create your companies healthcare assessments or ask a professional doctor to create one for you.

Share the assessment links with your team for them to complete from a mobile or laptop.

Individuals can take the assessment from any device at any time. Their assessments are made available for a professional doctor to review and share their professional feedback.

Get instant insights into the health status of your team from one easy to use reporting dashboard.

Our network of professional healthcare providers and doctors will personally review your teams’ video interviews.

You will have a complete view of your teams health status, enabling you to make clear decisions about when to bring everyone back to the office.

Back To Work, Back To Normal

Mediscreen will automatically prioritise team members who display behaviour which doctors are concerned about.

Every patient is shared with a doctor for review so their symptoms can be fully diagnosed and a risk profile assigned.

Doctors can, share, comment on patients, send a testing kit or schedule a call directly inside Mediscreen.


You and your team will have the confidence you need to ensure that the people who need medical assistance are receiving it, while those who are healthy return to work.

Symptom Checker

Powered by Microsoft, our symptom checker can automatically understand the risk associated with the symptoms you report.

Professional Review

Our network of professional doctors and healthcare providers will provide their professional opinion on each team member.

Coronavirus Free

Ensure that your office is risk free and your teams can return to work in a safe environment
for everyone.

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The movement of employees, both existing and new hires often involves travel and crossing borders. Ensuring the health of your staff will become even more important going forward. Having the tools to prescreen and work in new found ways is critical to ensuring continuity of business. Searchie’s coronavirus package ensures easy evaluation, remote solutions to be able to function regardless of location. This in not a one time solution, to ensure maximum protection companies need this to be an ongoing effort. We want to make this easy and accessible for instant results.