Getting Back To Work After The Coronavirus Lockdown.


Continue your hiring uninterrupted. With
our one-way virtual video interview
tools there is complete business continuity.

Medical Check

Ask your team and applicants
to complete a short medical video
interview to confirm they are healthy.


Ensure that your teams are
engaging in ways that deliver the best results
possible while they are remote working.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic there have been many solutions offering to support with healthcare. 

Searchie, in partnership with 325 hospitals across the world, built Mediscreen. A solution which allows employers to remotely video screen patients for signals and symptoms of the Coronavirus and COVID 19.

A team member of candidate can complete a virtual medical interview and immediately share it with a doctor for professional review.

You’ll be able to measure the impact of the pandemic on your team, the number of people at risk or under investigation and understand a candidates health status before interviewing them.

With Searchie’s video interview platform you can quickly and cheaply confirm with a doctor if your team are fit to return to work or are at risk all before returning your team to the office.