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Coronavirus Lockdown Exit Tools

Getting back to the office, safely.

We’re all excited to get back to our old lives as much as possible. But how can we be confident that we don’t create unnecessary risks by bringing people who are at high risk back too early?

There are very few exit strategies in place that provide tactical tools or strategies for returning to work. However, one thing is agreed upon, we need to be able to see the risks much earlier and respond much faster. We think that a video interview app or video interview software could be a valuable tool in this effort.

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People analytics tools offer companies valuable insight into their workforce during a crisis. There are critical questions that you may need to answer including these, provided by OneModel:


  • What % of our workforce can be switched to work remotely if needed?
  • What % has already shifted to working remotely due to COVID-19? What is the trend as we ramp this ability?
  • What % of our workforce is currently not working due to COVID-19?
  • How are infection rates trending in the countries/states/provinces where we have employees?
  • What is the trend in our employee infection rates and how do they compare to the relevant country/state/province?
  • What is the risk level of our workforce in a given area based on the age distribution and other relevant factors?
  • Do we have any locations that are significantly impacted by COVID-related absences?
  • What is the average duration of employees being unavailable due to COVID-19 – illness or other?
  • What % of our infected workforce has recovered and returned to work?
  • What % of our temporarily remote workforce has returned to working on location?
  • What is our current productive capacity %?
  • How long are impacted employees non productive for?
  • How much productive capacity have we lost?

At Searchie, we’re interested in helping you to navigate your way back on site without putting everyone at unnecessary risk. After all, people are naturally social and local, so returning to the office after the Coronavirus lockdown is important to be handled with extreme care.

As we begin to think about returning to the office and keeping employee wellbeing top of mind, we have been exploring three pillars in a back to work role out plan.


Early screening for symptoms and behaviour which indicates a risk of infection.


Diagnostics with doctors and testing kits for those who appear at high risk in the initial screening.


Providing company level insights into your teams' wellness and health in realtime.

Coronavirus screening is the first step in understanding if someone should be tested or not. It is not a substitute and should be used to prioritise who gets tested.


More resources for helping you plan for return to the office after the covid19 lockdown coming soon.


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