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New Screening Tool Helps Doctors Diagnosing Covid-19

Get Back To Work Safely

Preparing to get back to the office?

Mediscreen is a virtual triage powered by Searchie that allows a remote pre-screening from any device and any location.

If you’re serious about your teams health, you’ll want to know who is at risk and who is not.

Our latest partnership with 100s of doctors across the world gives you rapid, low cost access to virtual health screening from anywhere.

At Searchie we have launched a tool called Mediscreen which is a virtual triage that allows a remote pre-screening from any device and any location.

As the companies are getting back to work and the countries are starting to open up, it’s important that we manage this process in an efficient and effective Manner and for the safety and well-being of everybody.

So how does this work?

If you are an airline and you were testing every single passenger remotely by pre-screening through Mediscreen, you’ll get the results in minutes.

And if you are a hotel and you are texting every person that is going to be making a booking with you in advance and also ensuring that your staff are healthy and also Covid free.

This is really critical to get in the confidence back into these industries.

So, at Mediscreen we’re playing an important role in allowing employees to be able to take more care and ensuring that they get back to work safely.

If you’d like more information, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss more with you.

Thank you.

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