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Save up to 78% of your interview time

Video interview technology combined with AI can save you time in screening and prioritising candidates so you can focus more on the human part - building relationships with the people you want to.


Customise every interview

Our simple role creation process allows you to create a custom job brief and interview in minutes. You can tailor every interview for your own needs and make sure the hiring manager has all the answers.


Unique candidate experiences

Candidate experience is at the heart of what we do. This is why we invest heavily into leading edge technology, psychology and design that ensures your candidates experience something they won't get elsewhere.

Features you can

Take control of your job interview video process with a wide range of features and signals available. Whether you are a power user or want something quick, we have a range of configurations available.

You control how you want your recorded video interview to look, feel and sound.

Control basic information like role title, region, experience levels, salary range and benefits.

Control matching signals like job function, skill requirements, experience level, include your job brief and even add your own employer branded video to let candidates know what it’s like at your company.

Create your own set of short, multiple choice questions to confirm that your applicants can answer simple questions about the basics of the role.

Ask candidates video interview questions that you want to hear their answers to through an on demand video interview.

Use our personality recognition engine to configure the type of behaviours that you want to see in your candidates. With over 1,000 different possible combinations your role can be as unique as your company.

Create team cultures so that the micro culture of a team is considered when you’re hiring for a new position.

Define the competencies that you want to see in your people, from team work to networking, we have over 20 different competencies that you can combine.

Get detailed insights into the behaviours and experiences that qualify your candidates for the role so you can understand why we think you should prioritise them

Share shortlists with hiring managers and team members including your own feedback. Team members and hiring managers can review candidate interviews from anywhere and share their feedback with you directly through the platform.

Rich Candidate Insight & A Unique Interview Experience

Get detailed insights automatically to help you in your decision making.

Video Interview With AI

Video interviews need to keep the candidate at the centre of their design. At Searchie, we have designed our virtual interview experience for the candidate to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves through their interview process.

By designing the virtual recorded video interview to make the candidate feel confident and comfortable, candidates can make sure they are answering video interview questions confidently.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm helps candidates and employers to understand their strengths and weaknesses in a professional and scientifically validated format.

We use behavioural signals from the video including body language, tone of voice, facial expressions and vocabulary to predict the organisational psychology of each person. The techniques are the same for everyone, no matter your education, colour or gender.

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